As a professional artist

Natalie has illustrated A.P Giannini: Something else in title, a young adult biography on the founder of Bank of America, and self-published The Adventures of Frankie Mouse. She has had here work displayed in the International LDS Art Exhibit, in local shows, and in her home.


Natalie has illustrated two books. AP Giannini is a biography for young adults. The Adventures of Frankie Mouse was also written by Natalie, inspired by childhood stories told by her father.


Natalie works with various mediums and her portfolio includes works done in watercolor, acrylics, oil paint, pen, and mixed media.


Most of Natalie\'s sculptures come from the time she was in school and had ready access to a kiln and potter\'s wheel.

Home Improvement

Natalie is always looking for the next home improvement project. These include smaller projects like dressing up a picture frame or adding home decor, but also include larger projects like completely gutting and then building a new kitchen from scratch.

Featured Portfolio Projects

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