I have been drawing since before I can remember and from the age of three I was pretty sure I was going to be famous. Thanks to my wonderfully talented husband I have this great website. And while having a website with your name on it doesn’t qualify you for famedom, it sure does sound cool.

I began my dream to illustrate by drawing pictures for one of my dads wonderful stories. Growing up I remember begging him to tell me one of his many creative stories. The one I have on this site (Frankie Mouse and the Amazing Machine) was told to my nieces and nephews a few years back. It hasn’t been published (yet), but got me going on the right track. I am now working on a non-fiction, pre-teen book about A.P. Giannini and his genius business sense. It’s a great book by Dana Cattani. I’ve really enjoyed illustrating it.

After zooming around the country for a few years we have settled in River Falls, WI. My husband and I have four nearly perfect children.